Vaude – BOA Fit System MTB Kuro Tech per pedalate ancora più green


Vaude MTB Kuro Tech

La MTB Kuro Tech è una scarpa pensata per la MTB che offre un potere di trasmissione superiore e si adatta perfettamente ad ogni tipo di piede.

Inoltre, il BOA® Fit System permette di micro-regolarsi anche durante l’attività e grazie all’ultimo sistema, Li2, BOA garantisce la massima protezione da abrasioni, impatti e contaminazioni dal terreno o dai detriti. Il rivestimento della Kuro Tech di Vaude è realizzato al 100% con poliestere riciclato.

Vaude MTB Kuro Tech

Vaude - BOA Fit System MTB Kuro TechBOA ha intrapreso da diverso tempo una missione sostenibile, arrivando a realizzare interamente le rotelle Li2 con materiali riciclati e condividendo con piacere la visione di sostenibilità di VAUDE, il quale dal 2022 compensa totalmente le emissioni che la propria produzione comporta.

Vaude MTB Kuro Tech

Prezzo: 180,00 euro



VAUDE MTB Kuro TechVaude - BOA Fit System MTB Kuro Tech

BOA® Fit System

Vaude MTB Kuro Tech

The VAUDE MTB Kuro Tech powered by the BOA® Fit System can be precisely micro-adjusted – even with only one hand while riding – for a fast, effortless, precision fit. Using the latest Li2 platform, BOA® offers unprecedented durability against impact, abrasion, and contaminants such as dirt and debris. Compact in size but packed with power, Li2 offers benefits designed to meet the needs of cyclists at every touchpoint during a ride. Multidirectional tightening and loosening allows for incremental adjustment to accommodate foot swelling on long rides, or a tighter fit for steep climbs and sprints. As the Li2 platform is designed as a bayonet and cartridge system, it features maximum impact protection, resistance to accidental opening and dirt contamination. On severe impact, the cartridge is designed to release from the bayonet. If this happens, the user can insert the cartridge back into the bayonet. This helps to further increase the longevity of the system.
From the BOA® Fit System to the outer protective toe and heel cap and the stiff sole for optimal power transmission, the MTB Kuro Tech combines the best of both worlds – the benefits of racing cyclists’ shoes with those of their mountain biking counterparts. The result is a shoe model that offers superior power transmission and adapts perfectly to each rider’s feet with the outstanding precision fit made possible by the BOA® Fit System. With the MTB Kuro Tech it’s no problem to get off the bike and walk for a bit, as the outsole provides maximum grip on all types of surface.

BOA’s sustainability mission

Aligned with BOA’s larger sustainability initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint both internally and within its manufacturing processes, Li2 was designed to reuse and reduce material waste: Before, there was a percentage of material that didn’t make its way throughout the manufacturing process using plastic injection molds into the final product – it was considered as waste. To reduce this waste, BOA now takes that excess material, breaks it down, and combines it back into the products. On top to this regrinding process, Li2 is BOA’s first-ever dial platform using a composite material overmold – a durable, low-profile grip around the perimeter of the dial.

In addition to that, BOA completely overhauled packaging systems in 2018, reducing the total packaging by 32 metric tons. They optimized how product is bundled, simplified the sizes of their boxes, and ultimately reduced the number of boxes they ship.
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VAUDE’s sustainability vision

The VAUDE Kuro products all have one thing in common: their sustainable, environmentally friendly production. The Kuro FZ Tricot, Kuro Tights and Kuro Shorts are partly made from recycled materials, and the inner lining of the MTB Kuro Tech shoe consists entirely of recycled polyester. Read more: Kuro Series: Perfectly Tailored for Gravel Biking
In addition, all VAUDE products are climate-neutral since 2022. The emissions arising from materials, manufacturing, and shipping are analyzed and systematically reduced. Emissions that are currently unavoidable are fully offset through myclimate. Read more:

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